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Propane tanker accident and explosion kills driver and left to burn out over several days

Rosebud Mining's Coal Train Derails in Windber, PA -  Damage done, derailment dangers 

 Toppled cars caused damage Monday, mowing down a chain-link fence behind Windber’s community building and knocking over at least one tree, which landed on top of a borough storage shed.

Efforts were underway this week to calculate the total damage, Borough Manager Jim Furmanchik said.

It could have been far worse though, noted Windber Fire Department’s chief deputy, Anson Bloom.

Children were on a swing set and playing tag in a playground alongside the damaged storage shed, he said.

If the rail cars went off track just a few yards up-rail, they could have struck a Penelec substation that feeds 41,000 volt transmission lines, fire Chief Robert Haddad added.

“If it hit that, who knows what might’ve happened,” Haddad said. “We could’ve been talking about a much different problem.”  See the full article in The Tribune-Democrat article of June 27, 2019 at 

Burns & McDonnell Commissions New Black Start Generation Units at Carroll County Energy Center in Ohio - New Diesel Engines Allows Large Combined-Cycle Facility to Independently Restart and Restore Service in Event of Widespread Outage.  See Yahoo Finance article of May 28, 2019 at

Propane Tanker Explosion in Carrollton - A tanker loaded at the Scio plan with 10,000 gallons of propane lost control and crashed through guardrails into a pond just 1 mile South of the Carrollton square, killing the driver and knocking out phone and internet for days.

See FPS article of March 8, 2019

Encino Plans 'Big Role' in Ohio as Work Begins on New Utica Portfolio - as reported in NGI's Shale Daily of March 8, 2019.

"Houston-based Encino Energy LLC last month took over drilling and completion operations on a massive Utica Shale position in Ohio that it acquired late last year in a $2 billion deal from the play’s pioneer Chesapeake Energy Corp., with plans for steady growth in the state as it works to make the assets its own.

CEO Hardy Murchison said the company is currently running two rigs and two completion crews in Ohio, given the program inherited from Chesapeake. The privately held producer may add a third completion crew before the end of the year, he said.

..."  Use this link for the full NGI article:

Rosebud Carrollton Mine Extension Request - Per January 28, 2019 email response from the ODNR Permit Manager, ODNR has sent requests for additional information back to Rosebud Mining Company.  At this time, no decision date has been provided from ODNR. 

About Us


Carroll Concerned Citizens is a citizens-based organization whose goals are to: 

  • Educate citizens about the long-term health, economic and environmental impacts of mineral extraction activities in Carroll and surrounding counties
  • Provide common outlet for citizens to voice concerns
  • Work with and via government offices regarding permit reviews and regulatory enforcement
  • Support the use of legal means to uphold the rights of Ohio landowners.

Carroll Concerned Citizens, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Ohio.

Paul Feezel - President
Alan Kemerer - Vice President and Secretary
Deborah Ruehs - Treasurer



Our volunteers help educate fellow citizens through: 

  • Public meetings (scheduled as needed and are free and open to the public)
  • Press releases and interviews
  • Participation in public educational events
  • Speakers bureau
  • Citizen training
  • Website content and links
  • Landowner flyers


Advocacy and engagement

We encourage landowners to get involved in protecting their rights by:

  • Using public processes to hold government agencies and officials accountable for actions
  • Hiring experts to evaluate industry permits or claims
  • Providing opportunities to participate in monitoring and research projects
  • Offering training so landowners can monitor their water and other resources

Past Meeting Archives


 April 30, 2018 at 4pm -Rosebud Carrollton Mine Expansion - ODNR public meeting to review the proposed 7,500 acre expansion of Rosebud's underground coal mine.  Hear information regarding the mine applications and more importantly SHARE YOUR VIEWS, COMMENTS, OR CONCERNS.  Each person may speak for up to 5 minutes or submit a written statement for inclusion in the ODNR records.  

See full permit request (large file 66MB) Click here to download via DropBox

Official Notice:








Underground Coal Mining and Reclamation Permit Application # D-2438-1

Rosebud Mining Company

95 North Lisbon Street

Carrollton, OH 44615

The Division of Mineral Resources Management hereby gives notice that an information session and informal conference on the above Underground Coal Mining & Reclamation Permit Application will be held on April 30, 2018 at 4:00 PM at the location stated below:

The Friendship Center

Lower-level Meeting Room

100 Kensington Road NE

Carrollton, OH 44615

Persons who are or may be adversely affected or any officer or head of any federal, state, or local

government agency or authority may attend to present their views.

During the information session, representatives from the Division will explain its role, provide some basic application information and answer general mining-related questions pertaining to the application. During the informal conference, which will immediately follow the information session, the public can submit comments for the record regarding the application. The comments received during the informal conference will be addressed at a later date. Each speaker will be given five minutes to present his or her comments on this pending coal application.

If you cannot address all your concerns during this time period, the Division will accept written

comments within one week of the informal conference. The purpose of this informal conference is to obtain additional information that will be considered before the Chief issues or denies the permit.

February 4, 2016 - University of Cincinnati Study on Methane in Ground Water Study - Claire Botner Thesis Paper and Faculty Advisory Dr. Amy Townsend-Small.  Dr. Townsend-Small provided a summary of their research and findings.  See Presentation and Botner Thesis paper links below for additional details.

8.0 MB
893.7 KB

November 7, 2015 - Rosebud Carrolton Mine next steps.  Brent Heavilin (Permitting manager), Tyson Lamielle (District Supervisor), Greg Hoffman (Inspector), Michael Kosek (Naural Resource Administrator 3) and Lanny Erdos (Chief) provided an overview of the approved Rosebud permit, applicable mining regulations, ODNR oversight and inspection procedures, and the process citizens should use if they have a complaint about the mine or associated operations.

Several important points for landowners:

  • At this point, Rosebud has still not fulfilled the 2 outstanding conditions of the permit for archeological studies and EPA discharge permitting.  ODNR also has not heard from Rosebud about potential timing for starting sitework / operations. 
  • The permit is for a 5 year period and may be extended through additional filings by Rosebud. 
  • Blasting will be used to create the high-wall for the mine portal.  Landowners within ½ mile of the portal site (just west of the west end of the Carrollton Airport) are to be notified in advance of the blasting and are to be offered a pre-blasting assessment of their structures.  It is highly recommended landowners take advantage of this assessment.
  • 2 airshafts are planned.  One at the mine portal and another as noted in the permit.
  • ODNR only required Rosebud to post a bond for the portal acreage where the surface is planned to be impacted.  Therefore the other 9,500 acres of subsurface mining is unbounded.  Chief Erdos stated that no consideration was given to Rosebud’s financial ability to pay for issues in the non-bonded acreage and Clifford Forrest’s financial liability associated with the Freedom Industries chemical spill in WV also was not considered in Rosebud’s ability to back up its promises to landowners.
  • Landowners are to be notified about 6 months in advance when Rosebud plans to mine under their property as part of the semi-annual update required by ODNR and MSHA (Federal mine safety).  Landowners can request a copy of Rosebud’s annual mining plan updates from ODNR’s New Phila office.
  • The permit is a non-subsidence permit; however, if problems occur, Rosebud is to pay damages (provided they are still in business).  It is the landowner’s responsibility to file a claim and it is recommended that landowners also file the claim with ODNR. 
  • Surface water discharges are to be monitored at least monthly by ODNR for meeting the minimum quality standards.
  • Landowner water monitoring is required by Rosebud according the sampling plan identified in the permit.  Only a small number of landowner water sources are included in that sampling plan.
  • Landowners are encouraged to monitor their water quantity and quality before during and after mining and to report any suspected issues to ODNR.
  • A number of landowner’s wells were identified by the permit for definite or probably water impacts.  These landowners should contact Rosebud and ODNR for advance water replacement planning when notified that mining will be in their area.
  • Temporary and permanent water replacement will be evaluated according to the Water Replacement Procedural Directive of December 2, 2013. 
  • ODNR had no insight on coal hauling as it is not their jurisdiction.  Residents are encouraged to call the Sheriff or Ohio State Highway Patrol to register any complaints regarding truck safety, road dirt or coal dust problems.
  • Coal washing is not currently permitted on the Carrollton mine site.  ODNR expects the coal to be washed at Rosebud’s Tusky or Kensington (old Buckeye Mine) sites, but could not confirm.

September 3, 2015 - The Importance of Local Engagement in Ohio's Shale Region  

The Federal Emergency Planning Community Right to Know Act requires industries to disclose chemicals used in their businesses to local planners and first responders as a matter of public safety.  Ohio changed that disclosure for shale gas drillers to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources rather than directly to local first responders. 

The Ohio Organizing Collaborative (OOC) explored four different perspectives of a recent change to chemical disclosure in the shale gas industry.  A panel with representatives from the faith community, first responders, local citizens, and legislative watchdogs shared their views on continued erosion of local control within the shale gas industry.  

May  7, 2015 - UC / OSU Stationary Air Quality Study Results - Dr. Erin Haynes of the University of Cincinnati will share the results of the recently published study regarding poly aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) levels near shale gas activities in the Utica Shale play.

April 2, 2015 - Ohio's Oil & Gas Right to Know Regulations and Associated Risks - Teresa Mills of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice will review recent catastrophes at several Ohio shale gas sites and the associated risks to first responders and nearby citizens caused by the chemicals stored on-site.  She will also discuss Ohio’s current right-to-know laws and shortcomings in protecting worker, first-responder and citizen health.

Proposals to weaken the law are under review now by an Ohio House Committee chaired by Carroll County representative Andy Thompson.

March 5, 2015 - Water Alert Reporting Network (WARN).
Ohio Sierra Club Conservation Coordinator, Elissa Yoder, explains the importance of public participation in the Water Alert Reporting Network.  The goal of WARN is to ensure that state regulators are aware of incidents of concern and that they address these incidents in a timely and appropriate manner. This network is also designed to empower volunteers to communicate ways to protect our waterways and stand as watchdogs against environmental harm.

February 5, 2015 – Changes in Land Use from Ohio’s Shale Gas Boom.  Ted Auch, PhD shared FracTracker’s groundbreaking research efforts combining data from shale gas operations and advanced mapping techniques to highlight how land use is changing in those Ohio counties most impacted.  Quick fact uncovered -- For every 1 acre of land impacted by the drill pad, another 5 acres are impacted by midstream (pipeline, compressor station, ...) operations.
See additional FracTracker analsys on Carroll County's shale gas boom at link: Is Carroll County Ohio's Shale Gas King?   

January 8, 2015 – Research into Shale Gas Exploration and Earthquakes.  
Ray Beiersdorfer, PhD is a professor of geology from Youngstown State University who has been studying seismic activities and the association with the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) processes used in shale gas exploration.  He will review recent research from Ohio and other states and share his insight about why these seismic events matter.
1,000 Earthquakes Article by Dr. Beiersdorfer

November 6, 2014  - Shale Gas & Oil Radioactive Wastes from Marcellus and Utica Shales: What are they, How are they managed, and Should we be concerned?  A pre-recorded Ohio Fracture Flow Working Group Sept 2014 video presentation by Julie Weatherington-Rice, PhD, CPG, CPSS to Youngstown State University's Geology Department.  This 1 hour, somewhat technical, presentation provides much insight about research into the many headlines we see regarding shale gas and radioactivity. 

October 2, 2014 – Ohio Organizing Collaborative’s Listening Project Results
Over 100 people plus a number of elected officials and 2014 candidates packed the CCC meeting to hear citizen feedback regarding living in a shale gas region.  Click here to see OOC's detailed report on pros and cons from shale gas on the economy, rural character, health and safety, social issues and the environment.  2014_Shale_Report__small_.pdf
3.3 MB
Several citizens also shared their view of how shale gas activities impacted their lives.  

September 4, 2014 – Ohio Dept of Natural Resources on Mining and Landowner Water Replacement. 
The lead hydrologist from ODNR Dept of Mines and Reclamation shared insight on the updated Procedural Directive on Water Replacement.  In summary, there were only minor changes by ODNR regarding landowner water protections.  The presentation reinforced that landowners much take a proactive role in documenting and protecting their water rights.  Once issues arise, it is up to the landowner to seek resolution.  Even when coal companies are found to be at fault, landowners could be left on temporary water sources (water buffalo) for extended periods of time and there could be long-term costs that are left to landowners to bear.  

June 5, 2014 - Attorney Alan Wenger on Landowner Considerations In Shale Gas Production Areas. 
Attorney Wenger has substantial experience in shale gas leasing and working for landowner rights specifically in Carroll and surrounding counties.  He will share what his firm, Harrington Hoppe & Mitchell, LTD is seeing rega rding royalty payments, division orders, unitization requests, mineral sales and assignments, dormant mineral rights, lease forfeitures, easements and state preemption cases.

March 6, 2014 - Carroll County Soil and Water Conservation District.
Linda Yeager, District Administrator of the Carroll Soil and Water Conservation District shared information about the 4R Tomorrow program that promotes nutrient stewardship, water management and backyard conservation to protect water quality in local communities and across Ohio. 
Watershed Specialist, Josh Britton hired by Carroll and Harrison Soil and Water Conservation District introduced upcoming plans for the Atwood, Leesville, Tappen and Clendening watershed monitoring and water quality improvement projects.
A good Q&A session identified several opportunities for CC SWCD to collaborate with CCC’s Water Sentinels program to select monitoring sites, share water quality results and help educate the public about the importance of water quality.

February 6, 2014 - Listening Project Seeks Input on Shale Gas in Carroll County  

Caitlin Johnson, Organizer with Communities United for Responsible Energy (CURE) – a campaign of the Ohio Organizing Collaborative (OOC) – A shale-focused “listening project” in Carroll County.  Listening projects are citizen driven interviews of friends, family and neighbors to collect their experiences – good, bad or neutral – during the shale boom. 

CURE’s goal is to train 10-15 local volunteers to help reach a target of 500 Carroll County citizens with a short seven question interview. The responses to the questions – which will be kept anonymous – are to be complied later this summer and shared through a county-wide public meeting.

January 9, 2014 - Introduction of a new study  to understand the effect of unconventional gas drilling on air quality.   Erin Haynes, PhD from the University of Cincinnati (UC) will share more information about a new joint UC / Oregon State University (OSU) study funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences looking at air quality during the shale gas exploration lifecycle.

November 14, 2013 -  A Study of Methane in Ground Water Near Gas Wells - University of Cincinnati  Assistant Professor of Geology, Amy Townsend-Small, PhD, is leading a study to examine methane and other components in groundwater wells in Carroll County during the onset of drilling for natural gas in the region. Dr. Townsend-Small and her team are monitoring about 25 groundwater wells at varying distances from shale gas sites in the Utica Shale region of Ohio.
Rose bud permit update - CCC's geologist completed Phase 1 of their analysis and determined a number of serious concerns about the permit's lack of data, inconsistent data, analysis methods used and conclusions reached.  CCC has contacted ODNR and the US Dept of Interior's Office of Surface Mining that oversee's ODNR's Division of Mines to share these expert findings and seek additional analysis.

October 3, 2013 - Rosebud Carrollton Mine Permit Status Update.
ODNR did not provide any responses to our July 25 informal conference questions.  Additionally, the new Procedural Directive regarding water replacement for dewatered landowners has been delayed again.  The new target for release is December 1.  Because Carroll County residents are so concerned about the potential for the proposed mine to impact their water, surface rights, and provide increased risk at shale gas wells and mid-stream operations, CCC engaged a well known geologist specializing in mine geology to do a detailed analysis of the geotechnical data contained in the permit.

July 25, 2013 - ODNR / Rosebud Carrollton Mine Application Informal Conference.  Over 50 citizens participated in this two-way information sharing conference.  ODNR provided an overview of the permit review process, mining regulations, and general room-and-pillar mining operations.  Many citizens asked questions with ODNR staff provided answers where they could or offered to follow up.  Finally, 13 citizens provided formal commentary and/or questions that will be addressed by the ODNR staff within 60 days of the meeting. 

June 6, 2013 - Huff Run Coal Mine Reclamation Project -   Marissa Geib Watershed Coordinator for Huff Run / Mud Run Watershed Restoration Partnership shared their work through ODNR to improve water quality impacted by abandoned coal mines in Carroll and Tuscarawas Counties.

May 2, 2013 at 7pm - Rosebud Carrollton Mine Application Strategy Session. ODNR has received supplemental information from Rosebud regarding the Carrollton shallow room-and-pillar mine application.  Our attorney and experts are reviewing the information now to determine if it resolves the 21 page information request from ODNR and the nearly 4 pages of additional questions / concerns raised by Carroll County residents.
Public notices of the application request have been published in the local newspapers for 2 weeks now.  CCC plans to request an "informal conference" with ODNR to express any remaining concerns.  This informal conference is a key means for citizens to show ODNR that we expect them to protect landowner rights.

April 13, 2013 - Volunteer Stream Cleanup - 12 Carroll County Soil and Water Conservation District and Carroll Concerned Citizens volunteers joined forces to clean up trash at the Valley Run Wildlife Area.  Thanks to all who helped and Kimble for donating the trash dump.  We hope to make this at least an annual event. 

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